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Mary P

by Kathy on June 2, 2014 Comments Off on Mary P

Kathy, an excellent therapist, is kind and caring and extremely helpful. She is very understanding and is always willing to encourage and provide great techniques for improving gymnastics. At first, I was skeptical about how brainspotting would help me get over my fears and improve my gymnastics. However, my fears slowly disappeared and I made a lot of progress. I was able to do skills that I had thought I had lost two years ago. I never thought I would get these skills back but brainspotting completely changed this. Brainspotting helps me focus on what I need to do and believe that I can do it. This technique allows mental blocks to disappear and confidence to emerge. For me, Brainspotting is a wonderful method to get rid of blocks and I recommend it to all gymnasts. I am on the second highest level of JOGA and used brainspotting to get my back full and tsukahara vault back. Additionally, brainspotting helped me get an aerial on the balance beam.

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