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by Kathy on March 21, 2014 Comments Off on Katie R

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Kathy Heeg and the wonderful work that she has done with me. Kathy is always very honest with me, and always guides me in the right direction, even if the journey is not going to be easy. I had been a previous client of hers and then had stopped seeing her due to family and work commitments. A while back, Kathy used EMDR on me, after I was experiencing nightmares of being in a car accident. The one year anniversary of a car accident that I was involved in was approaching and I began to dream about it. Kathy introduced me to EMDR and it was very successful. The nightmares of being in an accident went away very quickly. Kathy had also used EMDR on me while I was preparing for a rigorous training for a new law enforcement position. The training that I was preparing for was going to be both physically and mentally demanding. EMDR helped the anxiety that I was beginning to feel, subside. It allowed me to go into the training program with a clear mind. I am currently experiencing a stressful time with a separation and possible divorce within my immediate family. I had stopped seeing Kathy, but was back in touch with her when I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed. There is no one else that I would trust to successfully guide me through this time. I am looking forward to working with Kathy again, as I am confident that she will make a difficult time easier to navigate.

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